Dec 162012

If your breasts are set wide apart, you may find that the cups of many bras are too close together to fit you properly even when you have the correct size. This is especially true for those of us who wear an AA, A or B-cup bra. If the cup is too narrow at the sides, it won’t be a good choice even though your measurements may indicate that it should fit.

I hear this complaint often from the women I work with as a fitter, so every now and then I like to offer suggestions on brands and styles for this type of figure. But how do you know if you fall into this category? Wide-set breasts are more than two finger-widths apart, according to lingerie expert Tomima Edmark. You may have noticed that you are cleavage-challenged (don’t worry, I’m in the same boat), or that you can’t find an underwired bra that feels comfortable.

If that sounds familiar, check out the following resource (after the jump) for a better fit.

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Jul 112011

New from Itty Bitty Bra: Flatter Me, 40 - 48 AA - B

Finally, a size AA bra for larger women!

Jane Hodgdon, designer of Itty Bitty Bra, has a new bra collection featuring larger band sizes and wide-set, shallow cups. The line is called Flatter Me, and the bras are now available for purchase online. Sizes range from 40AA – 48B.

I was excited to share this news with you guys, but first I had a few questions for Jane about the design behind Flatter Me. As usual, her answers were very helpful and thorough.

Got an athletic build, with a wide back and small breasts? Read on to find out whether Flatter Me could be THE bra you’ve been searching for!

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